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Taking care of Patients The Right Way

the Synergen Way

At Synergen Rx, the patient is our number one priority. Everything we do is to improve patient care and we will always strive to take care of the patient no matter what.   

Why Do I Need to Utilize a Specialty Pharmacy? 

Specialty Pharmacies often provide a wide range of services that are better suited to manage your disease state and treatment regimen. Specialized experts are available to you to ensure the successful management of your condition and 24/7 support. 

Why Choose Synergen Rx? 

At Synergen Rx, we know everyone on the healthcare team matters. We will act as a link between you, your physician and insurance to help provide you with the optimal and quickest way to therapy. We know that being diagnosed with a new disease or finally seeking treatment for your disease can be an overwhelming life event. We are here to help make the process as smooth and as easy as possible on your way to better health.



At Synergen Rx, we believe the inability to afford the treatment that you've been prescribed should not stop you from receiving your medications. We will exhaust all assistance avenues available to you to ensure you receive the treatment you need. Between copay cards, grants, and patient assistance programs, we will find a path to treatment. Let our experts navigate the financial assistance options available to ensure you receive your medication. Learn more about our financial assistance services here

Affording My Medication

 At Synergen Rx, we have extensive experience in providing the highest level of patient care and optimizing your pharmacy experience. We work very closely with your doctor and insurance company to ensure that you are approved for your medication and achieve clinical benefit by symptom improvement. We make sure you are able to afford your medication and provide detailed counseling upon dispensing. Our major focus is on making sure you feel better. 

Services by Synergen : 

  • 24/7  Access to a Pharmacist

  • Benefits Investigation

  • Individualized Counseling and injection training

  • Free  Delivery 

  • On-time Refills and Refill Reminders

  • Monthly review of disease improvement

  • Obtaining Medication Approval through Insurance

No matter what condition you have, At Synergen Rx, we are always here to help you. We will keep you up to date on new treatment options and assistance for your disease. Please see our specialties below
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