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A partner you can Count on, A partner you can Trust 

At Synergen Rx, we understand that we are in a data-driven world and that data drives innovation. As a health care entity, we play a vital role in providing invaluable data to improve outcomes and better patient lives. 

Our Services

Our Services


We provide thorough counseling and injection training to ensure your patient successfully starts and stays on treatment. When applicable, we automatically enroll patients in your support programs. 


We ensure patients maintain adherence and continue a successful treatment regimen. We perpetually monitor adherence, efficacy, and adverse effects. 


We provide access to completely customizable reports generated to fit your needs


How can Synergen Rx Help you? 

At Synergen Rx, we can readily customize data reports to fit any of your needs. We can collect a variety of data points from dispensing data to disease management. We understand the value that manufacturer support programs provide and we will work diligently to onboard patients into those beneficial programs. Our service model is designed to improve compliance, adherence, prescriber insight, and patient outcomes that are readily reportable. 

Just like you, we treat the patient as our primary focus and will combine our resources to provide a complete approach to patient care. Let us demonstrate how Synergen can work with you to raise the level of patient care. 



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