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Hepatitis B 

Hepatitis B is a viral infection that can develop into a chronic disease that can cause significant long term liver damage. The virus can be transmitted upon contact with infected bodily fluids including blood, or semen. Chronic development of Hepatitis B can range based on age. Newborns that contract the virus through vertical transmission at birth go on to develop chronic infection 90% of the time while adults exposed to Hepatitis B virus develop chronic infection only 2-6% of the time. 

Chronic Hepatitis B can cause very serious liver damage if left untreated. There are several medication regimens available as well as a vaccine. There is no cure for Hepatitis B however, fortunately, there are several investigational medications in clinical trials with positive results that could potentially lead to a cure. 

We will keep you updated on the exciting direction of Hepatitis B treatment. Please reference the current treatment options below to learn more. 

If you would still like to learn more about Hepatitis B and it's treatment options, we have provided some  useful links below:

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